My Description of a Dr. Grinspoon High by Sebastián

Dear Dr. Grinspoon,

I just came back from Amsterdam, where I went for negotiations with Sensi Seeds. On my last day there I went on a mission to obtain some Dr. Grinspoon seeds – what followed was a three hour long Odyssey with partial success. I asked in several stores and couldn’t get anything, then went to the original store of Barney’s Farm only to hear that they do not sell those seeds anymore – it seems that they had problems to keep the strain stable or something like that. An employee said I should try to write to Derry himself, he would surely have something left and could maybe send me something. I wrote him, no reply so far, but I am still hoping. But, also, the employee send me to Barney’s coffee shop „Amnesia“ in Amsterdam, where I was able to buy some Dr. Grinspoon grass (official price 18EUR/gram, maybe the most expensive strain of them all).

My friend Michael I vaporized a little sample of „Dr. Grinspoon“ at a low temperature in a Storz & Bickel Plenty vaporizer. Let me tell you, the high is supreme. Unbelievable. I gave you a report on smoking this strain a while ago, but I now believe that this was not the real Dr. Grinspoon (even though it was great). I know it was the real deal yesterday because I got it from Barney’s and the little buds looked exactly like on the photo of the plant. The smell: pine tree (dominant), hay, not sweet, very herbal, no citrus notes, maybe a bit earthy. Very unusual, fine. So, probably, given the smell, it contains a lot of the terpene alpha-pinene.

Michael first experienced a significant change in mood: it made him happy, but calmly so. I felt the same mood swing a few minutes later. We were still completely clear, cognitively speaking, when the mood effect kicked in. A very interesting type of euphoria, a state of pure bliss, warm and energetic. What a Sativa queen! No “laughies” (that’s how I call the phase where you laugh a lot during a high), no confusion, no silly mishaps, just happiness. Then, the high came, slowly, gently, crystal clear. We both felt strongly focused – not focused as “in a tunnel,” perception wise, just very sharp, calm, on top of things, aware, functional. No disruptions of short-term memory. Our episodic and semantic memory worked great – it gives you an amazing flow in thinking. Not too much speed. You don’t fall off from the back end of a speeding train of thought (I am pretty sure you know what I mean here). Almost no effect on the body. When I was alone for a few minutes, I felt an amazing stillness. Majestic. Like champaign, a whole new level!

Lester, I’m not exaggerating … greetings from Michael, too, he confirms: this was one of our best highs ever, if not the best. We talked for hours, generated great ideas, we had such an amazing evening! Later when walking home I came up with some more great ideas for my new book.

This grass is well worth bearing your name!

Best wishes,

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