Recipe for a Low-dose, Olive Oil Cannabis High by “Bewell”

I am 46, I work part-time as a baker and live in an east coast city as an intentional neighbor on the margin between two distinct residential areas, one low-income, the other, high-income. My wife, who does not use marijuana, is open-minded about my little adventure. She works as an education professor and brings in the primary household income. I make meals emphasizing seasonal, local and garden fresh ingredients. We have no children. Being “childless” due to infertility was at first a grievous shock. Now, child-free by choice, we feel acceptance. My educational background includes a Masters degree in social work, a Masters in theological studies with a concentration in New Testament, and a certificate in the history of spirituality. Although none of my education has added up to a career path, I work daily in my areas of interest both informally and in writing creative non-fiction.

One-eighth ounce of bud

500-milliliters of olive oil

Chop bud into a fine powder. Mix with about a tablespoon of olive oil. Cook in microwave in several 20-second intervals until marijuana is browned. Funnel mixture into the bottle with the rest of the oil and shake. Makes 500 milliliters. Serve with a dropper. Serving size may vary according to the quality of the bud and sensitivity of the user. I use about three to six drops. That is all!

After twenty years of abstinence from marijuana, I got stoned at several parties when a pipe was passed around. I found I really liked getting high, but I had limited tolerance for the smoke, the short-term memory loss, and the party atmosphere. So, I bought a little bud from a friend, and in the comfort of my own home, began experimentation with the subtle effects of very low doses.

The onset of a low-dose high is barely perceptible. But at some point I always notice the usual benefits: heightened appreciation of sights and sounds, reduced anxiety, increased attentiveness, more enjoyment of the present moment, and more willingness to do routine chores. I have also noticed, when I take it before bed, my dreams are more colorful, sensual and richly symbolic. The high is strongest after about an hour and lingers for four hours or more.

With such low doses, I have not noticed memory loss. In fact, I was surprised to find that, in at least one setting, my short-term memory was noticeably improved. In the bakery, I struggled with an ongoing tendency to forget the quantities. I had to go back to check the recipe repeatedly. But on a low-dose high, my concentration was right on task. The numbers stuck in my mind the first time with ease.

When high, I tend to like being sociable. But often, after the initial high is over, I have a burst of creative energy and enjoy prolonged periods of intense focused solitude. Some of my best creative writing comes to me during the post-high phase.

My sensitivity to low doses may have to do with regular yoga meditation practice, and except for moderate use of alcohol, avoidance of all other intoxicants. For best results in sensing the subtle effects, I do not use cannabis and alcohol together. This contribution was written while high, and revised post-high.

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  1. Jackie Cone says:

    Have you used another oil, such as sesame oil? Less oil:to bud?


  2. Israel says:

    I loved reading this. I’ve smoked for many years and have a similar approach. I love the low-dose high. When i smoke i go for the high quality bud, and only have to take one hit, and i’m good for a while.

    I’m really curious to try this olive oil mixture thing. The microwave really works huh?

    I tried making chapstick the other day and it didn’t work. Do you know any recipes for chapstick?

  3. MonGo says:

    If you do not want to make a large batch, try this out, I have created an excellent fast recipe.

    Take a tiny microwave safe bowl… (like a ceramic or glass ramekin)
    crumble up a tiny amount of the good stuff,
    the finer the better but don’t go to crazy.
    add enough oil to coat the bottom of the lil’ bowl
    add the crumbled goodness… (seriously one bowl is enough, start small people!)
    follow the same microwaving instructions, I have found that you will become familiar of the smell when its done.
    For small amounts it doesn’t take very long.
    add this delicious oil (and chunks)! to a mug of very hot water… near boiling
    I use the water from the teakettle to get all the oil and tasty bits off of the little plate and into the mug.
    Add Honey, Milk and Cinnamon… microwave to your desired drinking temp and enjoy!


    Its kinda like a dank thai chai tea, and you could add nutmeg or orange or whatever you like. Or try icing it and adding a little rum! after all is said and done a pretty good drink… 🙂

    For all you hard smokers understand that when you smoke the most you can get out of your stash is 15% of the THC. However cooking can release over 80% I still smoke but having one of these in the morning will save your’ stash!

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  4. jim says:

    does this make your house smell like pot… i want to make some but dont want my house to stink

  5. Imegahan says:

    I am enthusiastic and thankful to have come across this site, for so many reasons. First, your story veritably mirrors that of my husband and myself (cannabis free for near twenty years, childless {I am just coming into acceptance phase}, theological studies {OT for me, NT for hubbie}, and my great desire is to live in intentional community, “caring for the earth and its inhabitants”). My husband’s research into smokeless marijuana use led us here, and while we have no source of procurement, I remain excited and intrigued over the prospect of trying out your recipe! Do you have a blog? I hope to hear more from you in the future. Thanks you.

  6. Steve H says:

    Inspired by your post, I experimented for a while. Now I use coconut oil for infusion because of it’s high smoke point. Microwave works but i prefer electric cooking. I have several infusions ranging from pure sativa in the morning to pure indica with high cbd strain (harlequin). My dosage: 2-4 drops from 1/8 ounce infused in 200 ml oil which is good for 6 hrs.

  7. Judah Ben Nun says:

    Like most people here, I want only a low-voltage high. Vaporizing hit me too hard. A little while back I stumbled onto the olive oil method. It took me a few tries before I got the heating right. When I finally did, what had been yielding disappointingly weak results suddenly knocked my socks off for two days. So now I’m working on dosage.

  8. Nana says:

    People forget its about the high, not being “stoned”. When I was in highschool/college I could still get my hands on “bunk” weed. There was only enough THC to give you a good feeling. But During college the only thing that anyone could find was the “Good Stuff”, people called me crazy for wanting low dose highs. But the friends that truly understood getting high enjoyed it much more. Now with the extreme thc levels, I find cooking is the best way to get a meditation high, relations, mental clarity and body numbness.

    I also find that a light green small does come from making the oil, not cooking with it. Nothing a candle can not fix.

  9. msjacque says:

    So very nice to find some like minded people…even if they are online. sometimes online relationships are the best b/c they are there when u want them and u can have quiet, creative me time w/o offending anyone. Peace to all of you and thank you for this cooking info and self disclosure.

  10. Devin S says:

    What is creative non-fiction? Just curious.

    It’s nice that the microwave didn’t destroy the cannabinoids. I was looking around for single dose recipes. I need a high dose to get pain/spasticity/sleep relief. I have to control temps in the oven for the decarboxylation process. I used to make big batches with a crockpot, but the low setting even seemed to run hot. This page has interesting methods. I use coconut oil. Cannabis needs a high fat oil to bind to the thc/cannabinoids. I don’t smoke and have had surgery. Eating medibles provides a much deeper body effect. For me, a much more positive effect than smoking and vaping. Also, using kief/hash is nice if you have access. Such nice ideas listed. Peace

  11. bubblers says:

    What a great article, and the recipe is great, I’ve been looking for good ways to bake with marijuana, thank you for sharing!

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