Nature's Remedy by Andre

I first smoked cannabis when I was 16. I never liked smoking it as a child and only partook in the experience on the rare occasion. I found the effect of the drug at that point overwhelming. It made me paranoid, nervous and fearful of socializing.

Cannabis plays on your fears. Essentially it amplifies your fears, and makes you aware of fears that you didn’t originally know you had.

About two years ago when I was 22, I began harvesting cannabis and became a regular smoker, and my original perception of the drug changed. My life was good at the time, and I was a more positive person than I was when I was 16. Cannabis allowed me to relax, sleep well and cure my problem drinking. I gave away alcohol for a non-addictive alternative that didn’t have all the social, physical and mental negatives that I associated with my drinking problem.

Smoking still bought up my fears, but in a constructive way. As a regular smoker of cannabis, I had to deal with my fears and overcome them to enjoy the drug. I used smoke cannabis before doing something that would make me fearful, and this would allow me to deconstruct my fears. Then, when I was in the same situation again but not under the influence of THC, I found myself full of confidence in situations I would normally feel uncomfortable in.

Spiritually, cannabis has made me a healthier, happier person.

I do believe however that cannabis has and can make me isolated. I feel I risk legal ramifications for smoking in public (especially because I grow cannabis for myself in my own home.) This is not my fear or paranoia, but rather a restriction placed on me by my government. If cannabis were legal, society would view my actions differently, too. People ignorant about cannabis are quick to point out all the harmful things about the drug, and don’t realize there is a positive side to the story.

I’m 24 now and still grow and enjoy cannabis more everyday. I don’t believe that it is a drug for everyone, but for some it can be a very positive experience. I don’t have any friends who smoke cannabis regularly, and don’t smoke it socially, but rather I smoke it as a daily medicine for my mind, body and spirit.

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