The Truth About Using Marijuana for Better Sex by Travis Davis

It really is not a secret that smoking marijuana can put you in an euphoric state that appeals to a global audience. Not only can smoking weed relax you after a hard day at work, it has the potential to even heal some common medical ailments.

That all being said, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can also use marijuana to enhance your sexual experiences too. That’s right, smoke a bowl of your favorite herb, climb into bed, and have a sexual experience like you never had before.

Women enjoy smoking marijuana before sex just as much as men; it might surprise guys, however, that the reason is because it enhances their sexual experience. Taking a hit from a joint before sex not only makes the overall experience more enjoyable, but for many, they are finally able to have an orgasm.

The highlight for any male is being able to climax after sex. As great as this feeling is, marijuana has the potential to increase those feelings and make those ejaculations even more powerful.

Studies have shown that one of the most challenging aspects of having sex for guys is performance anxiety. Having performance anxiety goes by many names like being impotent, not being able to get it up, or sexual anxiety. They all mean that the guy is so focused on not being able to perform, that he actually fulfills that premonition and he under performs .Luckily for guys, weed is often the answer; marijuana can not only help to relieve tension, it can calm you down and allow your mind to focus on the pleasing sensations of sex rather than having to step up to the plate and hit that home run.

Weed does have the power to increase sexual desire, and if both partners are smoking before or during sex, they can take their lovemaking sessions to new and thrilling heights. When people are high, they will be more sensitive to sexual urges and feelings. The benefits to smoking weed and enhancing sexual experience are numerous, from eliminating performance anxiety, increasing the intensity of the orgasm, to allowing women the ability to more easily reach an orgasm or multiple orgasms.

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