The Sleeper Has Awakened by Space Cowboy

I was quite tense when I smoked my first joint; I was seventeen years old back then. I initially felt the same until it suddenly kicked me smoothly, and I started feeling my hands and feet becoming lighter than usual. I was flabbergasted. Then, what occurred to me next was the unbelievable magic of this plant, a tranquil sense of sight, hearing, taste and well-being. Experiencing this new state of consciousness quickly eradicated the prejudices that I formerly carried with me back on those slumbering days. A part of the matrix eventually unfolded in front of my eyes, and for the first time, I told myself that my eyes are now finally open to the naked truth. This plant is one of the sacred gifts of God.

If we will enumerate some of the plant’s benefit to mankind, I would say one is its ability in redefining music. If you are a music lover, I say you should definitely smoke marijuana. During those earlier days of my experimentation, I explored few of the many genres of music under the influence, and the results are purely astonishing. For the first time in my life, I could hear every instrumentation and vocalization with utter vividness. Ranging from alternative rock to reggae, pop, jazz, soul, electronic and trance, each passing day filled my soul with amazement. Music was never the same again.

Meanwhile, as the days passed by, visions and ideas suddenly emanated within me. I felt myself evolving with this plant. I started to speak my mind with my family and friends regarding the vast complexity and surprises of life itself. I started to question the veracity of acquiring a religion by the day a child is born; as well the media’s actual relevance to people. I consciously detached myself away from the imposed dogmas and entertained calmly varied ideas as a free-thinker. Certain roads in my life that were once blemished with trivial inhibitions were traversed curiously while at the same time being aware of its consequence and the essential needs of my mind and soul was fed satisfyingly with the present clarity that now engulfed me.

The cosmic love that sleeps within me was triggered by this plant, I suddenly became aware that deeper from our flesh and bones lies our very existence that was undoubtedly created by love itself. Love, which is usually being misunderstood at certain stages in our lives, embraces my heart and soul whenever I smoke marijuana. And as I grow older, I now bravely welcome life’s uncertainties, as long as I always follow the utmost desires of my heart.

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