What Would I Do Without Weed? by Anonymous

Written by a 65-year-old retired schoolteacher from Northern California…

I don’t drink coffee.  I love the taste and I like the energy.  But I don’t like the edge.  When I got older, it gave me heart palpitations, made me nervous.  So I quit.

I don’t smoke cigarettes.  My dad did.  My parents both died of cancer.  Today, I worry about the residual effects of second-hand smoke.  No, I never started smoking.

I don’t drink alcohol.  I drank it in college.  It made me say and do stupid things. The hangover ruined my weekends. And, I’ve seen alcohol ruin lives and families, firsthand.  So, I stopped after college.

I don’t do prescription pain meds unless it’s absolutely necessary.  I did pain pills after two operations because pain hurts.  But quitting is a nightmare.  Messes up my mind.  Showed me true depression, even desperation.  Hard drugs?  Never.

But, fresh, organic, pulverized, marijuana bud is a great addition to a ginger-molasses cookie.  It puts me in a good mood.  Helps me forget my cares.  Makes me concentrate on the task at hand.  It can get me out there gardening and landscaping, or help me enjoy exercise.  It moves me to clean house while listening to music or a book.  It helps me to enjoy my life.

Rheumatoid arthritis slowly cripples my joints.  What would I do without weed?

Retired Teacher, 65, Northern California

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